The Balanced Links Pledge

We will not mention any organization that has a web page without providing a direct and obvious link from the name of the organization to the organization's page.

If we provide a links page we will include a representative sampling of links to web pages of organizations with opposing views, and will seriously consider all requests for additions.

The Logic Behind Balanced Links

There are many web pages that criticize organizations without providing a link to them, or that claim to provide indices on a particular subject but only include links to pages with a single viewpoint. Such practices, though widespread, go against the spirit of the web. They force users to do unnecessary searches, and demonstrate an utter lack of faith both in the ability of people to make up their minds for themselves, and in the power of the ideas being espoused to stand up to criticism. The balanced link logo is an indication that the owner of a page believes that we are all best served when we make it easy to read all points of view. It is a symbol of civilized discourse, faith in the power of ideas, and respect for you, the reader.

The Balanced Links Index

The following organizations and individuals have agreed to these guidelines, have been checked by the webmaster of this page for basic compliance, and have provided a link to this page:

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