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The Interfaith Working Group publishes documents (primarily from religious organizations, congregations, and clergy) related to sexual orientation and identity, reproductive freedom and separation of church and state. The opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, and should not be construed as official IWG statements.

Published documents are listed here, and on our links page.

If you have a document you would like considered for publication, please email it to webmaster@iwgonline.org.

You may also be interested in our letters, pulpit and statement pages.

A Letter to the Boy Scouts of America
The Rev. Gene Huff returns his Eagle Scout Medal.

Testimony of Chris Harris to the Presbytery of Cincinnati
Presbyterian elder Chris Harris compares debates over sexual orientation to debates over slavery.

Christian and Homosexual Persecution
A Letter from the Rev. Jan Nunley to the Honolulu Star Bulletin comparing persecution of Christians and sexual minorities.

One Body of Christ
A Letter from the Rev. Jan Nunley to the Dallas Morning News regarding gay and lesbian Episcopalians.

A Journey In Faith
Rev. Andrew A. Barasda, Jr., an Episcopal priest, discusses his faith journey as a gay man.

The Boring Parts of Torah
Rabbi Arthur Waskow discusses the AIDS quilt and the book of Exodus.

What Was the Sin of Sodom?
A collection of classical Jewish texts. Compilation and commentary by Robert Kaiser, with an additional note from Arthur Waskow

Martyrs of Our People
Reaction by the Gay and Lesbian Rabbinic Network to the murder of Matthew Shepard.

The Cold Bony Hand of Injustice Touches Us All
Rev. Victoria Weinstein, a Unitarian Universalist minister, reflects on the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Children and Weddings
A letter to Ann Landers from the Rev. John A. Nelson.

Response to the Judicial Charge
Rev. Jimmy Creech, a United Methodist pastor, responds to the charges bought against him for performing a ceremony celebrating the union of two women.

A Statement by Christians
Christians attending the Fourth Fosdick Convocation on Preaching and Worship issued this statement affirming that "relationships should be characterized by mutuality, commitment, respect, and love, regardless of sexual orientation"

A Madison Affirmation
A statement endorsed by 68 Christian clergy and additional non-Christian clergy affirming that "homosexuality is neither sickness nor sin."

Oak Park Domestic Partnership Registry Letter
A letter from Oak Park (IL) Clergy in support of the proposed Domestic Partner Registry.

An Anglican Pride Day Service
Text of the sermon delivered at a service of praise and thanksgiving to mark Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride Day at the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Ottawa, Canada.

Statement by Rev. Jimmy Creech
The Rev. Jimmy Creech supports the variety of ways that people will witness at his trial "in support of justice, respect, acceptance and inclusion of all of God's children in the Body of Christ"

Hatred is Intolerable
Letter writer Alan Light responds to the frequent claim that tolerance is intolerance.









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This site is maintained for archival purposes only.
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